"Brian Sayre has personally cared for my rental properties and my personal home. He has kept the carpets looking "brand new"!! When you are an owner of rental property, that's sooooo important! My carpet at 7th St was scheduled to be replaced. Brian saved me over $500 when he cleaned the carpet and made it look brand new! He has also cleaned the carpet in my car (which is older) and my husband's Cadillac. Both turned out awesome! I highly recommend Sayre Carpet Care. I have referred several of my friends to their Company and everyone has been extremely happy! It's not easy to find someone who personally cares as much as Brian does.   :)  "            ~ Marilyn Knowles
"I've used the company before, and emailed to ask them whether they could clean carpets in our new home before we moved in. We were unsure when we would get the keys to the new home, but they held a spot for us in the late afternoon the day we
"Both my car and my home have been cleaned by Brian at Sayre Carpet Care. I like the fact that the owner himself is doing the work . . . his reputation is on the line! Brian, you are such a neat guy! Your work is GREAT, too. My car never looked as good as when you cleaned the upholstery.  It's great, too, to be using a business that is Michigan-born and not a chain. Brian did an excellent job, seemed interested in what I had to say, and will definitely be back again!! Best wishes with your carpet cleaning service. Thanx, Brian!!!"
~ Carolyn McArthur
closed, just in case we were able to get into the house that day. Linda came and cleaned for several hours, as I decided to have her clean several more rooms than originally planned. She also deoderized the house (and it needed it!), locked up, called me with a total, and emailed me a receipt that evening. The carpets look great, and as usual, the service was wonderful."                      ~ Angie's List Subscriber